Green Tea for Fat Loss - Does it Work?

Today I wanted to talk about weight lose supplements, specifically green tea. There’s a lot of buzz, especially on the Internet, about all these magical teas that will help you lose weight: green tea with hoodia, green tea plus, wu yi green tea. You name the teas, and of course it’s going to magically help you lose weight.

Now the thing about green tea is that there actually is scientific evidence to show that green tea can help with weight loss. Green tea actually does a lot of great things with boosting your health. There isn’t enough evidence right now to say that it can prevent cancer, but it does look like it does have anti-cancer capabilities. It’s a really powerful tool.

But, the thing you really need to realize is it’s not the magic bullet. Without diet and exercise, green tea isn’t going to help. Specifically, what the research really shows is that you get the best effect with green tea when it’s combined with caffeine.

So, I really want you to drink green tea, because it’s very good for you, and it’s going to help your health. It will help with your weight loss, but don’t start pounding cups of green tea and taking all these green tea supplements thinking that that is going to be the magic bullet for your weight loss. It will help you, but it’s not the magic bullet. You’ve really got to stick with diet and exercise as well.

That’s it for this little talk on weight loss supplements and green tea. I’m nutritionist Mike Roussell. I’ll be back with some more weight loss videos real soon.

About the Author: Mike Roussell is an author and nutrition doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University. Mike writings can be found in Men's Health and Men's Fitness and Ironman Magazines in addition to the internet's largest bodybuilding and fitness website -

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